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Just About Everything Pedersen Described The Kinds Of Jobs That Distinctive Woodwork Does This Way:
21.02.2017 20:29

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Well probably use dowels to reattach it, said Distinctive Woodworking owner Dwight Pedersen, who started the company with his wife, Barbara, in 1994. Before that, Pedersen worked in the mill shop at Architectural Woodwork, a division of the now defunct Big Buck Lumber in Racine. Just about everything Pedersen described the kinds of jobs that Distinctive Woodwork does this way: Just about everything. Stuff that other shops really dont want to do. Its just kind of our niche, really. Everything the business does is custom work. A lot of one-offs, Pedersen said. There are not a lot of architectural millworking shops left anymore that want the smaller jobs, he added. His is a small shop by workforce size: just Pedersen and five employees. In physical size, the shop is about 10,000 square feet.

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